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Name:Kitty Norville, Voice of the Night
Birthdate:Jan 2


Name: Kitty Norville
Age: Apparent age 26
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lb

Physical Description to follow.

Kitty was an average girl, with an average family and an average boyfriend but then her life changed. Then again maybe it wasn't so average. She works at K-Nob, a radio show, playing music and voicing her opinions. One night she is on a date and escapes from her 'boyfriend' of the time who had sexually assaulted her. She was stuck in the far reaches of a park on a dark night which is where the wolf ran into her. It's claw scrape up her leg as she frantically climbs on the roof of a pavilion to get away. The next morning she is greeted by the pack and is brought into their custody.

The pack has there own rules with people in charge. She is new and hence favored by the pack leader and as long as she keeps her head down things are safe, comfortable. Once Kitty gets her own radio show talking about the creatures of the night, whom she happens to be, her confidence skyrockets and she begins to face the bullies and abusers within the pack. Most of her relationships are considered unhealthy and abusive. Marks don't stay on her body for long and so no one ever knows.

By the end of the first book she is able to face her pack and leaves traveling as a lone wolf, never in one place for two long. She manages to adapt, see the world and remain quick on her feet. This freedom however comes at a cost and that cost is the life of her best friend. The only one in the pack who had protected her and helped her.

In case you need me:Contact Post!

This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; I am not Kitty Norville. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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